Hyper IP Targeting offers placement of video ads to customers.  Below are critical elements to keep in mind when placing video ads using the Hyper IP Targeting System


Q – What are the standard video advertisement lengths?

 A – Video has to be less than or equal to requested duration (i.e. we can bid on a 15 second request with a 10 second video.)   The standard durations available via our system are as follows:

15 second

30 second

60 Second


Q – What are the standard dimensions for video ads?

 A – Standard video sizes are as follows:






Additionally, Google only supports: 480×360, 640×360, and 1920×800.   If Hyper Sonic is hosting the video, we will automatically encode any 400×225 and 400×300 video ads to fit Google’s size requirements by adding letter boxes.


Companion ads are supported, but only standard image files are accepted. Flash files are not supported. Size formats are as follows:




Q – What types of video placements are available via the Hyper Sonic system?

 Pre-Roll (This represents majority of  inventory)




Q – What are the recommended aspect ratios?

 A – If Hyper Sonic is hosting, we will encode and automate to the correct size





Q – What are the supported file types?








Q – What is the supported file size?

 A – The maximum supported size is 60MB. Hyper Sonic will encode the video down to a workable file

 size of between 2-5MB.


Q – Can I use 3rd party video tags?

 A – Yes, If you are using 3rd Party Video Tags, the specs are as follows:

Supported Tag Type: VAST 2.0

 In order to be accepted by the exchanges, this tag must include the following files (please note VPAID is not supported):

 H.264 (MP4)

Flash Video (FLV)

Other formats may be included but will not be used

WebM is recommended, but not required


Q – Is there anything else I need to know?

 A – Yes

 Creative images must be clear, recognizable, and relevant; text appearing in the ad must be legible.

Creatives cannot appear sideways or upside down.

Ads may NOT:

Promote online gambling (paid, free, or gateway to paid gambling; brick and mortar gambling is acceptable).

Depict or delivering libelous, violent, tasteless, hate, defamatory, or illegal content.

Portray partial or complete nudity, pornography, and/or adult themes and obscene content.

Spawn pops, simulate clicks, contain malicious code, viruses, or executable files of any kind.

No explicit language, no spelling mistakes, no simulated expletives (e.g., #$%!).

If you have any additional questions about your IP Targeted video ad placement with Hyper Sonic, please contact us below.