Target Accounts to Hit One Demographically Similar Segment


Overview of Account Based Marketing

Account based marketing, also known as key-account marketing, is advertising efforts that treat a group of potential clients (a whole company, a college campus, a demographic segment) as one lead, as opposed to traditional inbound marketing, that focuses marketing on individual sales leads. Account based marketing is successful for growing B2B and B2C clientele, and reaching a wider range of prospects more efficiently.

Accounts Over Individuals

Individualization of marketing efforts has been on the rise in recent years, as more marketers are ditching the “one size fits all” approach. However, individualization can be time consuming and quite costly. Spending the time, energy, and resources to create every lead’s perfect approach is not something that many businesses can afford to do.

Segmenting individual sales prospects into “accounts,” or folders of leads, is much more efficient. Targeting to “accounts” as opposed to individuals gives marketers a wider range of prospects, creating a much higher chance of landing a successful conversion. That’s the beauty of account based marketing.

How It Works

Account based marketing can come to fruition through geographic locations on the map. Target a company’s headquarters to catch the eyes their decision-makers and staff. Get in front of a segment of leads at home, before approaching them with a pitch. Send ads to students on a college campus. Peak interest, and then drive traffic. This much, and more, can be done through geographically targeting key accounts before the approach.

Why Market to Accounts?

Using one message to hit one demographically similar segment creates a much higher chance of conversions, and allows marketers to cover a larger spread of prospects with just one initiative.

Benefits of Account Based Marketing:

Generate lift: Increase conversions by delivering more relevant messages to your audience segment.

Cover more ground: Ability to market to more prospects from just one initiative.

Measurable results: Easily measure the impact of marketing campaigns on sales through matchback analysis.

Real, Measureable ROI

None of this matters if a conversion can’t be 100% attributed to your account based marketing campaign. IP Hyper Targeting is the only form of digital advertising that does not leverage cookie data. This means we know that every click, form fill, and conversion comes from a real person. However, when it’s all said and done, ROI is the most important universal metric. With our post-campaign Matchback Analysis, we can measure how many conversions came from your campaign. It’s one thing to see clicks and CTR. It’s a whole new world when you can measure the pay off of your digital marketing efforts. Adwords and retargeting pixels can’t beat that when it comes to account based marketing.

To learn more about how you can cost effectively target key accounts and a whole lot more, please contact us, or download the Account Based Marketing .PDF below.


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