Target Customers with Personalized Marketing


Overview of Target Marketing

The 20th Century’s “one size fits all” marketing method of choice was all about mass — broadcasting an advertising message to a mass audience of thousands of prospects with the hope that something sticks. Today’s marketers are focusing on the individual — identifying people who are “in market” and delivering a specific message to those targets individually.

Appealing to Individual Customers

For decades, marketers have been focusing more on audience segmentation — grouping people based on demographics and behavior. As we move away from mass media to personalized media, these audience segments can now be refined until they reach a single person.

The more you know about a person, the better you can target them in a personalized way. In fact, many people now expect to receive a personalized experience from the companies they transact with. Every individual interaction with your prospects matter, from the beginning of a customer experience via generating awareness, to the feedback loop of engagement. Connecting data at the individual customer level is vital for providing seamless experiences and products or services that convert.

The Future of Marketing is Hyper-Personalization

With all the advertising and content that consumers are exposed to, achieving the required return on investment (ROI) from your marketing message is becoming more of a challenge. Based on the experiences our customers and partners have shared, the best way to drive the interest of your next customer is through a well-timed, relevant, and personalized message. Personalized marketing creates increased customer loyalty and better return on marketing investment.

Why One-to-One Marketing Works

One-to-one marketing takes the customer relationship management (CRM) data you provide and lets you segment, activate, and measure on that data to maximize reach to your high value customers.

Benefits of One-to-One Marketing:

Generate lift: Increase conversions by delivering more relevant messages to each audience segment.

Extreme segmentation: Ability to create micro-segments that target each customer uniquely.

Measurable results: Easily measure the impact of marketing campaigns on sales through matchback analysis.

Using Data to Improve One-to-One Marketing Strategies

Many advertisers have been slow to adopt one-to-one marketing strategies because they believe it is time consuming and difficult to scale. Existing cookie-based solutions are difficult to integrate due to technical limitations and data privacy laws. Fortunately technology is making one-to-one marketing easier than ever. The biggest advance has been due to data-driven marketing. By onboarding offline data and combining that with precision geo-location knowledge from Hyper Sonic Sites, marketers can extend their digital reach and achieve more measurable results.

Hyper Sonic Sites offers a simple but powerful way to connect your customer data to leading media platforms to target audience segments across channels and devices. Now you can reach millions of customers with 1:1 messages at scale. To learn more about how you can cost effectively benefit from personalized marketing, please contact us.