Audience Addressable Advertising

How It Works
Hyper Sonic Sites IP Hyper Targeted audience-addressable advertising technology delivers ads based on the consumer’s actual attributes rather than using content or location as a proxy. Our backend mobile data systems anonymously map consumers’ mobile phones back to their households so that we can attach extensive offline data to their phone ID. Based on this knowledge we can deliver audience-addressable ads to their mobile phone or out-of-home screens through our ad inventory partner networks whenever the phone pops up on our radar.

The same mobile data system which allows us to accurately associate household- and individual- level attributes to mobile devices also enables us to accurately measure which one of those devices show up in Points of Interest, such as a retail store.


IP Hyper Targeting Advantage
Mobile is at the epicenter of change in the advertising industry. Companies offering out-of-home advertising haven’t been able to deliver the audience targeting and measurement capabilities of other digital channels– until now. Hyper Sonic Sites IP Hyper Target Marketing Out of Home network leverages new mobile technologies to measure audience, serve ads and report performance in real time.

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