Reach on-the-go consumers as they enter or leave your ‘geo-fence’. Our proprietary hyperlocal targeting technology increases the likelihood of your ads being served in a single or multiple location geo-fence with a radius as small as 25 yards.


Hyper target on the go consumers with 100% efficiency

Our proprietary Geo-Fencing technology offers location-based targeting to put your brand in the hands of the right audience at the right moment, wherever they are. We influence consumers to visit your website by combining multiple layers of GPS and IP targeting around a specified area or at various locations. Our technology will better serve your ads across all devices within mobile apps and web browsers through programmatic buying to give you access to almost all available publishers through a multitude of ad exchanges. With our leading expertise in digital marketing, we will help boost your business by reaching consumers in real time wherever they may be located with our Geo-Fencing advertising solutions.


Target your audience in a manner that matches your advertisement to the context of their physical location. Our hyperlocal technology is so precise that it can target a radius as small as 25 feet. Once they have entered your “geo-fenced” radius, consumers will be served your ads on mobile apps. This targeting will help capture your customers on a more personal level by providing them with special offers that apply to their current location.


Establish your dominance over your competitors with our Conquesting Campaigns. This type of campaign builds a “virtual fence” around a competitor’s location and delivers your ads to potential customers. Our technology aims to steer customers away from the competitor’s doorway and into your own. This advantage ensures your brand stays relevant and timely when consumers enter that “zero-moment” of purchase.


As your partner, we can help grow your personal brand and drive foot traffic to your physical storefront. Our Franchise/Multi-location Campaigns offer advanced targeting solutions to reach multiple groups of potential customers based on their location and the activities they are engaged in. Whether they are within an airport, shopping center, or business district, we will deliver your ads to help provide new and returning qualified customers to your business.


Our Programmatic Plus™ campaign management process ensures the highest level of post-click engagement. Your campaigns are fully optimized programmatically and by a certified Digital Analyst to help you maximize your ROI. Our team monitors your campaign daily to ensure you are consistently acquiring high quality traffic to your website from verified ad audiences.


Visibility into your advertising performance is crucial for optimization. Our proprietary platform, HYPERbase™, will provide you with 24/7 access to real-time reporting on all your campaigns. Watch your advertising work for you from your personal dashboard by viewing your website’s traffic and monitoring your campaign’s performance daily. You will see instantly how many people are visiting your site while they are at home or even when they are on-the-go. Our Real-Time Reporting delivers you visibility into the KPIs that matter the most to your business.

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