By Jonathan Woodward

This ebook is dedicated to my nephew Jonas Michael who in The Moment of his birth changed all our lives forever.

You can trace your entire life back to one moment. Back to a decision that you made or a choice that you decided to make in a given moment. Tony Robbins the self acclaimed motivational speaker once said that we make life changes in a moment.

Moments change our lives every day. We decide to change direction in a moment. We decide to make a difference in our lives, whether that decision is a health choice to lose weight and get healthier or change jobs.

If you look back over your life you will notice that it is moments that you remember. You do not remember the entire time you were in a particular situation but you will always remember the moments. It is in those seconds and moments that life is changed.

When we realize that it is in the moments that our lives are changed, we start looking for those moments to change our lives.

Thank you for your interest Full release date August 14th 2017.